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Santana da Luz

The Minister of Magic

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I am Light.

     I am Love.


         I am Magic.

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A Message From the Minister

Welcome Divine Light Beings to my portal of Magic!

This is my place for manifesting, healing and illuminating.
 As an alchemist of magic, I am overjoyed to finally share with you powers that I have graciously embraced by accepting my expanded self! I set true intention to support all who I encounter that seek healing, assistance and most of all happiness. 


By learning to embrace ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS, manifesting your dreams, having balance in your mind, body and soul along with unveiling your own light to illuminate the world is the perfect alchemy for MAGIC! 


To begin, we must look within ourselves and seek out our ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS, not just relative happiness. What’s the difference? The first is sustainable and empowering. With absolute happiness, you have the tools you need to release the sometimes turbulent rollercoaster of life. Things may not always go according to your plan but with absolute happiness you have a calmer understanding. You reside more in 5D than 3D and you realize that you get what you need, not necessarily what you want. You also learn what IS and isn’t yours. You are awakened to the fact that everything is a lesson and or a blessing. EVERYTHING. 


Relative happiness is fleeting. Example: You get a raise from your boss and you’re happy. You go out to your car smiling because of it and you find someone hit your car. You’re immediately unhappy. Absolute happiness is viewing the same incident with self love for yourself and compassion for the one who hit you. You see, we cannot begin to guess what they were going through. And even if it was carelessness, you innately get that they weren’t present...something was wrong. Remember... “Hurt people hurt people.” Absolute happiness is sending them Universal Love energetically. One of my favorite songs is, “What the World Needs Now is Love”. It was true then (over 50 years ago) and still true now. 


Having been awakened and armored with Mother Nature’s gifts of oils and decades of deep ever-evolving introspective work, I have the honor and ability to support in the re-balance of our body, mind and spirit to its most valuable state.   

I hope you journey to love yourself and know your absolute worth because YOU ARE DIVINE and unstoppable!!! Make the alignment with yourself of absolute happiness, illumination and unconditional love for this is the perfect recipe for your magic to come alive. BE MAGICAL!


With Abundant Love, Grace & Gratitude,  

The Minister of Magic


"I think it's important for people to experience your guidance. You have a gift. I was struggling so much, for so long, before I met you. And while I am still in my journey, I now have tools and perspective, and it's changed my life. You've changed my life." 

- Sana D.

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