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Metaphysical Guidance

I am offering a “course of study” that reaches people who don’t think of themselves as spiritual. I chose this description as it is a COMMUNICATIVE and CLEAR way for me to share my ever-evolving wisdom as the Minister of Magic. I was once told, “If you want to learn something, teach it”. I am always learning and sharing Spiritualism with great passion.


Welcome to your journey of REMEMBERING who you are in this lifetime. 


My focus is to be as transparent as possible while guiding you back to you. In the early stages of my spiritual journey the biggest obstacle was not so much learning the lesson being taught but it was, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, the lesson, the language and the already established concepts!!! I was NOT in the KNOW of much and I struggled insanely, almost giving up what I truly need this lifetime in order to accomplish my soul’s contract. Imagine wanting to learn how to drive a car but no one explains the components or how to even get it started. They excitedly say, “get in” and explain as if you are already licensed and driving. They talk about signs, traffic, freeways and lights because they are so excited, forgetting you might be new to it all. No one starts with, “You want to drive and travel? This is your car. This is a steering wheel and all that it does. Here are your brakes and here’s all the other functions.” It feels a little safer and more empowering, knowing these details, right? Getting familiar with your car before traveling makes it exciting and not so anxiety filled because you wouldn’t have to worry if you’re doing it right or if you’re good enough - you already learned that part. Having a little knowledge to start, goes a long way.


This is my offer of service - work to give you a glimpse of your soul’s purpose. My coaching is elementary and magical to help you light a pathway to your true self. It’s never too late and ALWAYS fulfilling. Let us awaken you to the foundation and language of Spiritualism, with the goal that you receive an overall sense of how to apply it to your daily life. As you realize more of your inner self and want to travel even further into the “Know” or “Awakening” of living a more spiritual life, trust that I have a long list of magic makers, light workers, healers, channelers and shamanic leaders to custom refer you to. Begin your Spiritual journey with me today. I’m excited to explore the magic in you.

Metaphysical Guidance
Metaphysical Guidance

Complimentary 30 Minute Session 

$150 = One 1-Hour Session

$333 = Three 1-Hour Sessions

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